Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods

Deceptively Unhealthy Foods

So what’s one of the best parts of the holidays? If you said anything other than the food, you’d be lying and we can all tell. Dieting during the holidays can be pretty tough, not only because everything looks so good, but also because some foods can be a little deceptive.

More than Meets the Eye

Just because your favorite dish has some chicken or veggies does not mean it can’t be unhealthy, so here are a few foods you should be wary of next time you see them.

  • Chicken Pot Pie: Though full of chicken protein and veggies, a single pie can have over 1000 calories.
  • Beer: It’s easy to overlook beer because it’s a drink rather than food, but it can be deceivingly heavy. Limit your intake and try light beers.
  • Chili: Depending on how it’s made, chili can be pretty fatty. Use lean meats and add extra vegies and beans to even things out.
  • Cream Soups: The season is perfect for warm soups, but be careful of heavy cream-based soups that can be full of fat.
  • Holiday Drinks: Hot chocolate and other seasonal drinks, while perfect, are full of sugar and fat, so watch how much you drink.

You don’t have to starve yourself to have a healthy holiday season, but do keep moderation in mind and stay smart during Christmas dinner and you’ll do fine.

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