Vitamins and Supplements

The Vitals of Vitamins

Ideally, you want to be getting all of your vitamins from your diet. This can be hard to do if you are limited by life or work. Even when you do make an effort to eat healthy, sometimes you just won’t be getting everything you need.

That’s where vitamins and supplements come in. If you’re still looking for a way to get the most out of what you eat, then vitamins and supplements are just what you’re looking for.

Just the Facts

Always read the labels when looking for vitamins and make sure you’re getting exactly the safe amount you need. Search for a vitamin that gives you all or most of the basics like vitamins C, B2, K, and potassium. Most multivitamins are pretty good about this and ensure that you’ll only need one regular pill in the morning.

In the Numbers

Always make sure to check the percentages on the vitamins you’re buying so that they provide a 100% daily value. Take note though, some supplements like calcium might come up a little short, otherwise the pill would be too big to swallow.

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