5 Ways Your Pharmacist Can Help You Stay Healthy

A pharmacist wears many hats. While one of the major roles they perform is to fulfill prescription needs, they do so much more than that.

Whether it’s reviewing your medication for potential drug interactions or teaching you how to self-administer your medicine, your pharmacist can help you in more ways than one.

Take advantage of all your pharmacist has to offer and learn about all the different ways that your pharmacist can help you stay healthy from your McAllen pharmacy.

5 Amazing Things Pharmacists Do

1. Check Your Medications for Possible Drug Interactions

If you are taking more than one medication at a time, there is a possibility that some of them will not mix well together. This often happens when you are taking both over-the-counter and prescription medications.

For your pharmacist to spot potential problems, they will need a full list of the medications you are taking. Once they have looked it all over, they will be able to recommend a treatment option to you or your doctor if needed. If you are unsure whether it is safe to take two separate medications at the same time, reach out to your pharmacist and they can give you an answer.

2. Help You Manage Side Effects

Medications often come with various side effects, some harder to deal with than others. Your pharmacist can figure out whether the symptoms are due to your diagnosis, the medications you are taking, or something entirely different.

Once your pharmacist has looked over your list of medications, they can recommend other medication or treatment options to help manage the side effects of your medication. If you have been prescribed medication, but have questions regarding the side effects, your pharmacist can go over that information and give you the answers you’ve been seeking.

3. Answer Medication Questions

The medical field is always advancing, and with that comes new medications and treatment options. Thankfully, pharmacists take the time to study these new forms of treatment and can explain how they work, how they are administered, and how they may affect patients.

Because some of these medications are new or rarely used, doctors may also have questions. They can consult a pharmacist and have better information to provide their patients, or may refer them to a pharmacist with further questions.

4. Teach You How to Self-Administer Medication

There are many medications that require the patient to self-inject themselves. Because pharmacists are trained in administering injections and vaccinations, they can teach patients how to properly administer their medications to themselves and provide tips that may help.

Learning how to self-administer your medication can feel intimidating and overwhelming at first, but reaching out to a pharmacist will allow you to educate yourself and put your worries to rest.

5. Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

The purpose of antibiotic medications is to fight off bacterial infections and illnesses. If bacteria evolves and stops responding to this medicine, it is called antibiotic resistance.

This can happen when you don’t follow the instructions on a medication properly and the bacteria your body is trying to fight off becomes drug-resistant. To prevent antibiotic resistance, you will need to follow the instructions of your medication very carefully.

Your pharmacist can walk you through the instructions and answer any questions you have to ensure your medication works properly.

Stay Healthy This Year With Help From Your McAllen Pharmacist!

Pharmacists are a great resource when it comes to your health and medication. Your pharmacist can answer any questions you may have and educate you about the medication you are taking.

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