Multi-Dose Packaging: What Is It and How Does It Work?

While you may have a standard day-to-day schedule, each day can vary a little. The times you wake up, eat your meals, and go to bed may change each day. If medication is part of your routine, taking it at the right time can be difficult when your day isn’t always the same. 

Taking your medication as directed is an important part of your medical treatment. Multi-dose packaging may help. Keep reading to learn about multi-dose packaging, and how your local McAllen Pharmacy can help you on your medication journey. 

What Is Multi-Dose Packaging?

Multi-dose packaging combines pill or capsule medications into individual doses and organizes those doses into a blister or pouch package for easy access. The package may provide information such as the day and time to take the medications. 

Creams, inhalers, and other non-pill medications cannot be included in multi-dose packaging.

Benefits of Multi-Dose Packaging

Taking your medications properly can help with many health issues, but many patients struggle to remember when and how to take their medication. Multi-dose packaging has been proven to be helpful in keeping medications organized, especially for patients with many different prescriptions. Review the list below for a few examples of how multi-dose packaging may be beneficial to you. 

  • Easier to Remember Multi-dose packaging combines different medications in one package, so patients are less likely to forget one of their medications. 
  • Reduces Pharmacy Trips Since multiple medications are combined with multi-dose packaging, it requires fewer trips to the pharmacy for refills.
  • Provides a Safe Medication Schedule Packaged prescriptions include instructions that can help reduce the number of missed or mistaken dosages. 

Who Can Benefit From Multi-Dose Packaging

Multi-dose packaging may not be a good fit for everyone, but it can make a big difference for those taking multiple medications a day. Patients who easily forget medications, struggle with opening pill bottles, or have trouble reading the small print on the pill bottle may also benefit greatly from multi-dose packaging. This service may also help caregivers provide safe and proper drug therapy. 

How To Set Up Multi-Dose Packaging

Contact your local pharmacist for assistance and to see if you qualify for multi-dose packaging. Enrollment is usually easy and free. Your local pharmacist will guide you through the process to complete the setup of your new multi-dose packaging service, including making sure all your prescription orders are on hand.

Set Up Multi-Dose Packaging With Assistance From Your McAllen Pharmacy

Multi-dose packaging is a good way to keep your medications organized for safe and convenient use. With the many benefits this service can provide, it may be just what you’re missing to improve your medication regimen. 

If you think you may benefit from this type of service, contact your local pharmacist at Saenz Pharmacy to see how we can help you get enrolled today! 

If you’re interested in setting up a multi-dose packaging service, contact your Saenz Pharmacy for help!