Why Do I Need A Prescription for CPAP?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CPAP machines are deemed Class II devices. Because of this, a prescription is needed in order to invest in a CPAP machine.

When beginning your journey with CPAP therapy, you will need to make sure your therapy is tailored to your needs, which is what makes a prescription especially important. A second hand CPAP machine would put you at risk for breathing in the germs from the last person who wore it, your likelihood of getting sick, and the features not functioning the way they’re supposed to.

Today your committed McAllen pharmacists at Saenz Pharmacy will break down why it is crucial to have a prescription for a CPAP machine.

Why You Need a Prescription to Buy Particular CPAP Equipment

If you’re looking to buy a CPAP machine and mask along with a humidifier, you’ll need to have a prescription with you. When you try to purchase a CPAP machine without a prescription, you’re running the chance of getting equipment that may not function properly on top of the fact that it is more than likely not set up correctly for you specifically.

The Importance of Getting a CPAP Prescription

If you want your CPAP therapy experience to be successful and beneficial to your health and well-being, a prescription is required. Your prescription will tell you all about:

Your prescription is necessary when it comes to treating you based on the suggestions from your sleep study as assessed by your sleep specialist or doctor.

A sleep study offers data regarding the way you sleep and where the sleep difficulties lie. Without your doctor’s results, you would be taking a blind leap of faith on the ideal treatment for you. A prescription uses the insights from your sleep test and makes it applicative, granting you access to treatment with optimal results.

How Long Your Prescription Is Valid For

Certain prescriptions for a CPAP machine have a clear expiration date or can be valid for life depending on the amount of refills your doctor confirms on the prescription.

If your prescription says that its validity is “lifetime,” then you can use it as many times as needed. It is worth noting, however, most prescriptions will include an “X” number of refills, meaning if it says five refills, then you will have to revisit your doctor on your sixth. Other prescriptions may also have a valid until date,  meaning it cannot be used once the expiration date has passed.

How To Track Down Your Old Prescription

You can track down your old prescription by finding your last doctor and contacting their office. Simply look up the doctor’s name or practice name online, and give them a call to see if they still have it in stock and if it is still valid.

If you worked with another Durable Medical Equipment, (DME), in the past, there’s a possibility that you can receive the prescription from them as they should still have it on file. The previous DME can give you your old prescription, and you can send it to us.

Getting a CPAP Prescription

To get a CPAP prescription, you must do the following:

  1. Schedule an appointment to go over your sleeping patterns with your doctor.
  2. You’ll arrange the test, and fall asleep as you usually would.
  3. Your results will then be sent out to your doctor.
  4. Your doctor will fill out a prescription based on your sleep study.

Who Can Write a CPAP Prescription?

To get a CPAP prescription, you can make an appointment with your:  

  • Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
  • Psychiatrist (MD Only)
  • Physicians Assistant (PA)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Dentist
  • Naturopathic Physicians

Do I Need a Prescription for a Sleep Study?

There are two outlets that can be used to get a sleep study. Your primary care doctor can refer you to a sleep specialist who will request a sleep study for you. Or, if your insurance permits it, you can also see a sleep specialist directly who will initiate the process of acquiring you a sleep study.

Where To Buy CPAP Equipment

Once you’ve finally gotten your prescription, you can officially be on your way to a well-rested night! 

Getting a prescription for your CPAP therapy is not only obligated by law but it also gives you the greatest chance for therapy success by personalizing the equipment to you as well as ensuring the cleanliness and quality performance of your machine.

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Meta: There are a few reasons you need a prescription to purchase a CPAP. After all, a CPAP machine is classified by the FDA as a Class II Device.