I Need Sleep! Can I Get a CPAP Machine Without a Prescription?

Sleep is extremely important for your body! Sleep not only recharges your body but also helps fight off diseases and increase healthy brain function. If you have a form of sleep apnea, a condition that causes you to stop breathing while you’re asleep, you may not be able to get the deep, restful sleep you need. 

If you’ve been having nights of interrupted sleep and daytime fatigue, you’re probably longing for a night of peaceful rest. If this sounds like you, a CPAP machine might be helpful! A CPAP machine blows filtered and pressurized air through a face mask so you can breathe deeply and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Keep reading to find out if you need a prescription or if you can buy an over-the-counter CPAP machine.

Do You Need a Prescription for a CPAP Machine?

Although a CPAP machine isn’t a medication, you’ll still need a prescription to get one. A prescription is required because there is much more involved in using the machine than turning it on and slipping on a face mask.

Once a doctor has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, they will write you a prescription with a specific treatment plan that fits your exact needs. That treatment plan will include the correct therapy pressure, device, mask type, and part replacement schedule. For example, you may only need a nasal mask rather than a full face mask, and a prescription will have those details.

Medical equipment is also regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is another reason you’ll need a prescription. CPAP machines are considered a Class II medical device and can only be sold legally with a prescription. 

Do You Need a Prescription for CPAP Machine Accessories?

While a prescription is required for the machine, humidifier, and masks, you don’t need a prescription for most CPAP machine supplies.

  • Replacement mask parts
  • Hoses
  • External batteries
  • Filters 
  • Fabric wraps
  • CPAP pillows
  • Chin straps

If a chin strap breaks or you need a new filter, you don’t have to lose sleep waiting for your next doctor’s appointment. Just waltz into your CPAP pharmacy and find the accessory you need!

How Long Is a CPAP Machine Prescription Good For?

How long your CPAP prescription lasts depends on how your doctor writes the order.

Number of Refills

Especially at the beginning of your treatment, your doctor may give you a limited amount of refills. The physician will do this if they want to check up on you and see if your treatment plan needs any adjustments.

Expiration Date

Your prescription may only be valid for a certain amount of time. This could be because your doctor wants to see you again for a follow-up before giving you more refills.  

Written for Life

If your prescription states “ 99 months” or “lifetime need” on it, it’s a valid prescription for as long as you need a CPAP machine.

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Getting the right amount of healthy and uninterrupted sleep can make a huge difference in your mental and physical health, and using a CPAP machine can help you get the rest your body desperately needs. 

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