Top 4 Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed at Home

They may be called hospital beds, but they have uses outside nursing homes, rehab centers, and hospitals. Medical experts have designed hospital beds to give you and your loved ones some of the extra care and support needed — even at home

While it may seem odd to have a hospital bed in your house, it could make the difference in your or your loved one’s mobility and health! Find out for yourself by reading below about the amazing benefits and where to find hospital beds for sale in McAllen, Texas.

  • Hospital Beds Are Adjustable

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, spending a lot of time in bed can create joint pain, bed sores, and muscle aches. Hospital beds are built with adjustable foot and head sections that help ease the pain and make getting the rest you need much more comfortable. 

Raising the head section can make it easier to sit up and read a book, watch a movie, or eat a meal. Elevating the feet section can also help with blood flow and swelling in the legs, feet, or ankles.

The side rails on a hospital bed can also be adjusted. You can raise them all around the bed to prevent a sleeping loved one from falling out of bed, or you can elevate them on only the top half of the bed to provide support while getting up. 

  • Hospital Beds Make Getting Out of Bed Easier

Sometimes people need a helping hand to get out of bed, and using the right medical equipment can make it much more manageable. Hospital beds can be lowered almost to the floor or raised as needed to make it easier for a loved one to stand or slide into a wheelchair.

You can get an electric hospital bed with a remote to raise or lower the bed. A remote control is a great help for those who can adjust the bed and get out by themselves. While you can also raise or lower a manual bed, another person would have to adjust the cranks.

  • Hospital Beds Are Customizable

Another great benefit to hospital beds is how easy it is to customize them to your and your loved one’s needs! A side table is a great addition to a hospital bed set-up if you’re in bed most of the day or all the time. Eat off it, play games, or use it to hold a book or tv remote. Extra bars, including a grab bar or trapeze bar, can also help you adjust your sleep position or get out of bed.  

  • Hospital Beds Are Helpful to Caregivers

If a loved one needs to move from the bed to a wheelchair or commode, having a big and heavy bed in the way can make it harder for a caregiver to position the medical equipment in the right spot. But since hospital beds have wheels, a caregiver can roll the bed over as needed to make room.

Back injuries are also common among caregivers if they need to help lift a person into or off of the bed. Since hospital beds have handrails and adjustable heights, caregivers can help a loved one stand or slide out of bed without adding extra strain to their backs. 

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As you can see, hospital beds are a great benefit to users and caregivers alike, and it’s not hard to find one that meets your needs! At your McAllen pharmacy, you will find a complete line of home medical equipment to choose from.

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