A Parent’s Guide for Protecting Your Children From the Cold and Flu!

Aboy, blowing his nose, and a girl, with hand sanitizer in front of her, are doing homework outside.

With flu season underway, it may feel a little scary letting your kids go to school, where other children might be sick and spreading germs. But exposure to all those bugs at school will actually help your children build a strong immune system!

The younger the child, the easier it is for those cold and flu germs to be transmitted. Preschoolers are often sharing supplies or toys that have been in their mouths. Even older children can get sick from classmates who sneeze or cough near them.

You can take some extra precautions so your children don’t miss those important school days, sports, or field trips because they’re sick. Read more from your McAllen pharmacy on how you can protect your children from catching an illness this school year! 

What Precautions Should I Teach My Children?

Sometimes the biggest thing you can do to protect your children from getting the cold or flu is to teach them these fundamental principles! 

  • Cover Their Mouth When They Cough or Sneeze — When children recognize covering their mouths is one way to stop the flu or cold from spreading, they’ll notice it when classmates don’t cover their sneeze or cough and avoid those children.
  • Don’t Share Food or Drinks With a Friend Children often share a drink or take a bite of a best friend’s sandwich at lunch. Teach your children to avoid sharing food and drinks when their friends are sick. 
  • Use Hand Sanitizer — Show your children how to use hand sanitizer throughout the day, especially if they have to be around sick classmates. You can even clip a mini bottle to their backpack, so it’s always ready!
  • Wash Hands the Right Way – You can also teach your children the right way to wash their hands
  • Wash Their Hands Before Lunch – Since your children probably just touched a counter, pencil, or door handle, it’s a good idea to teach them to wash their hands before touching the food they’re about to eat. 

While no one can always avoid the flu or a cold, these principles may lower the risk or seriousness of the sickness.

When Should I Keep My Children at Home?

Keeping children at home is okay if they show any signs of sickness. Sending an unwell child to school will only spread the illness or worsen their symptoms. Protect your child and other students by letting them stay home when they’re under the weather. 

What Else Can I Do to Keep My Children Healthy?

There are many ways to build up your children’s immune systems! A stronger immune system can help their bodies naturally fight off the nasty germs at school. 

  • Plan for Healthy Snacks and Meals — A healthy diet can include dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, almonds, garlic, and sweet potatoes. 
  • Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep — Children between the ages of 6 and 11 need about 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night, and most teenagers need between 8 to 11 hours. 
  • Make Sure They Stay Active — Getting involved in sports is a great way to stay physically active! Encourage your kids to try signing up for cheerleading or the baseball team. 
  • Minimize Stress Levels — It’s crazy how stress can really lower the immune system! Keep your children healthy by letting them have fun and relax.
  • Keep Up on Their Vaccinations — Having your children vaccinated against the flu or Covid-19 can also help build their immune systems.

Saenz Pharmacy to the Rescue! 

Don’t let germs win this school year! Keep your children healthy while learning. And if you need more ideas, we have the answers! From cold and flu relief to vitamins, Saenz Pharmacy has the tools you need to protect your children from this year’s flu season. 

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