Month: May 2022

What Is Medication Compounding, and How Does It Work?

Imagine living in a world without medication: no more ibuprofen to cure your headache or Pepto Bismol to relieve indigestion. While we often rely on pills and liquid medications to alleviate our slightest symptoms, some people have difficulty using these types of drugs.  Nowadays, most medications are mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies with a focus on […]

Take a Peek at the Best Ways to Prevent Conjunctivitis, AKA Pink Eye!

When you think of summer, your first thoughts are probably crashing waves, refreshing beverages, and spending time soaking up the sun! But while we’re relaxing and having fun, bacteria thrive in the heat, planning ways to ruin your summer.  One of the most common summertime bacterial plagues is conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. Conjunctivitis […]

Keep Your Children Safe This Summer Vacation With Up-to-Date Immunizations!

Move over spring, summer is just around the corner. Soon, we’ll be experiencing perfect beach weather days and warm summer nights full of barbeque and good times.   When summer does come around, children of all ages leap with glee thinking about all the sweat, dirt, and fun they’ll soon be sharing with friends and family. […]

Recovering From Joint Replacement Surgery With the Right Equipment

Even for the healthiest individuals, joint replacement surgery generally takes a minimum of six weeks of recovery. For other patients, however, this period can be much longer. While in the process of healing, there are a variety of ways that you can make getting around much easier. Whether it’s everyday household items that you may […]