Month: June 2022

Eight Essential Pieces of Medical Equipment For Seniors To Use At Home

As we get older, sometimes our bodies don’t work like they used to. Thankfully, medical equipment for home use has become easily accessible, and the right at-home equipment can make life much easier as we age.  Your local pharmacy has the equipment and expertise that you need to protect your health as you age. Check […]

Keep Yourself Safe From 2022’s Late Flu Season

When we think of the flu, we think of ways to avoid contracting this illness and feeling miserable. However, this year’s flu season is running later than usual. Luckily, it isn’t too late if you haven’t received your flu vaccination. Learning more about this year’s flu is your first step in staying in tip-top shape. […]

Medication Management: What Can It Do For You?

Some of us only have one prescription, while others take 15-20 medications daily! Regardless of your medications, your local McAllen pharmacy has some tips for you for managing your medications. Creating an organized regimen can help maintain your medications and your health.  Read on for tips on medication management and the medication management services available […]

Seven Tips for Avoiding Heat Stroke and Exhaustion This Summer

Summer is finally here! Summer plans are in full swing, and families just can’t wait to get outdoors! It’s a great time to experience the world around you, but, unfortunately, along with summer fun come the dangers of sun and heat exposure. Heat stroke and exhaustion are definitely not something that you want to experience […]